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"I want to preface this by saying that I am not, nor have I ever been a client of Mr. Gillis Leonard and that this is not a paid endorsement.


I had the pleasure today of watching Mr. Leonard argue in a bond reduction hearing before the Circuit Court in Randolph County, Missouri while I was there for another matter as a spectator. I say pleasure because rarely have I seen or heard any attorney more succinctly and diligently argue for the rule of law and the Constitution on their client's behalf. This and the collective comments of a handful of individuals I have known over the years who Gillis has represented leads me to say without hesitation that there is no finer legal representation to be found in this part of the country." - Jim Drewery


Attorney Gillis C. Leonard has been practicing law for 22 years but has worked in the field for a total of 30 years. Prior to receiving his law degree from St. Louis University, he worked as an investigator for health and life insurance companies. This included going to the sites of the accidents, recreating them, as well as taking statements from all parties involved. Attorney Gillis Leonard uses these skills in most of his criminal cases from DWIs to allegations of assault and abuse.


Gillis takes a "hands on" approach when representing clients charged with a crime. Gillis can frequently be found at the scene of the alleged crime doing his own investigation. It is astounding the different results Gillis uncovers in comparison to the reports given by law enforcement.

Speak to a qualified attorney prior to speaking to law enforcement

I'm innocent, so why can't I just talk to law enforcement and explain what happened? Gillis always recommends you consult a qualified attorney for advice before talking to law enforcement even if you have not been charged with a crime. However, if you are arrested, the most valuable and important thing you can do to assist your attorney and protect your rights is to not give any statements to law enforcement. They are allowed to lie to you to retrieve information that will strengthen their case against you. You may feel since you are innocent that you have nothing to hide. However, in not understanding the law, you may give statements that they can use against you. Remember, you can NEVER talk yourself out of trouble but you can certainly talk yourself into trouble.


Think of it this way: if law enforcement has enough info to arrest you, they will. Many times you will be approached or called by law enforcement under the guise of just wanting to talk and find out what happened.

Choose an experienced trial attorney who commands the courtroom

You may not like what you are going to hear, but we are going to tell you how it is because that is what you need to know. You will always get our best effort and honest approach to your case. Our caring and detailed-oriented staff will go the extra mile for our clients.


Do you want a lawyer that will give you face time and tell you what you want to hear or a lawyer that will stand by you, tell you like it is, and do his utmost to give you the best outcome? It is a very emotional and stressful situation for all, but when it comes down to it, you will want our experienced staff who will take your case personally and give you the best advice and representation.