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In order to receive the best possible outcome for your DWI or DUI criminal charge, it is extremely important to share all the details and facts surrounding your DWI or DUI case with Gillis and

his supportive team of paralegals.


Without your description of the events that led to your case, the only information your attorney has is the arresting officer's police report which may not be enough to create a quality defense.


We understand the criminal charges that

you are facing and we promise to provide you

with the best legal representation while

fighting to protect your rights and ensure you

have the best possible outcome. Call our office today to find out more about your legal options

and to schedule a consultation.


If you or a loved one has been charged with a DWI or a DUI, make sure you choose an experienced and dedicated DWI lawyer who will always be on your side and fighting for your legal rights.


Gillis C. Leonard Attorney At Law is an aggressive DWI defense law firm based out of Moberly, Missouri. Gillis has successfully defended hundreds of individuals with their DWI and DUI charges across the entire state of Missouri.

What does a DWI / DUI charge mean to me?

Gillis C. Leonard Attorney At Law and his team of paralegals understand the criminal charges that you are facing and will fight for your rights. As a highly skilled DWI lawyer, Gillis will help you fully understand what’s at stake and will fight to protect you from the following consequences:

Understand what happens after you’re arrested

In the state of Missouri, after you are cited for a DWI or DUI, there are two sections of state law that will simultaneously oversee your arrest and the suspension of your driving privileges.


There is a criminal charge brought against you by the city or state in which you were stopped that handles the ticket you were issued. Points will be assessed to your driving record, and if there are enough points on your license, your driving privileges can be suspended or even revoked.


There is also a civil lawsuit brought against your driver’s license by the Director of the Missouri Department of Revenue. If you do not take appropriate action, by administrative law this can result in an automatic suspension or revocation of your driving privileges, even in the event that your ticket was reduced to a lesser charge or disposed of in a court of law.


These charges will severely impact your life, driving record, and insurance rates. Contact Gillis C. Leonard Attorney At Law immediately for an aggressive defense in your DWI or DUI charge.

  • Loss of your driver's license

  • Loss of your job

  • Time spent in jail